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Level 1 - Qigong Teacher Training - Qigong Community Practice Leader

March 25 - April 1, 2018 
Sunday-Sunday , 7 nights 

1440 Multiversity in Scott Valley, CA

Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within, declares, “Yoga in China is called Qigong—Chinese Yoga. Qigong in India is called Yoga. Both of these marvels of ancient wisdom are energy management systems. In Qigong we manage Qi; in Yoga we manage Prana. Same energy, different names.”

Qigong and Tai Chi are now as widely known as Yoga and 1000s of Teachers are needed! A epic revolution is occurring. Health Care is transforming  and everyone is hacking – bio-hack, neuro-hack, longevity hacking. Qigong is bio-neuro-energetic hacking PLUS it is easy and fun!

In this in-depth workshop, you will:

  •  Learn, practice and teach nine profound yet accessible forms

  • Explore Qigong’s ancient philosophical foundations, the physiology of qigong, and the similarities and differences between yoga, qigong, and tai chi

  • Attend to “The Three Treasures”—body, breath, and mind—the foundation of all ancient cultivation systems

  • Gain the skill to teach accessible qigong methods regardless of setting: hospitals, schools, yoga centers, social service agencies, and military bases

  • Have a survey of business-building skills to return home fully prepared and empowered to teach qigong in your community

  • As an IIQTC Graduate you become part of a global professional community with access to exclusive web based tools


Study with Dr. Jahnke and Senior Trainers from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC), one of the most respected training institutes in the Western world, to become a certified qigong teacher. With confidence-building practicum on teaching in small groups, this training supports you in being ready to share qigong immediately — to help people maximize or recover their health.

I get the wonderful priviledge to Co-lead this training with Roger.

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