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The Energy of Food

We always are talking about and noticing energy as we practice Qigong. What about when we eat? What about the food we eat? The environment that we eat in? The mindfulness as we eat? Have you every noticed how good meals taste at certain time - made with love, fresh ingredients, a special location, with friends and family. Let’s explore…..

Does food have energy?

Yes, think about when you go to a farmers market and you see the freshly picked food versus sometimes when you open the refrigerator and find those week old veggies that you forgot. Is one more nourishing than the other? Yes, the fresher the food, the more nutrients. So whenever possible, eat the freshest food you can find. When we eat, those nutrients fuel and rebuild the cells within our bodies.

Think about pesticides, they are designed to kill bug - living creatures. What do pesticides within our food do to our cells? So whenever possible, by organic - you are fueling your body. I know that organic can be expensive, but it is getting more reasonable and more available. You can also focus on buying organic when it is in the dirty dozen - here is a link to the list. It also gives you the clean 15.

Let’s go a little further. What about how the plant was raised? Homegrown produce is wonderful. How far did that produce travel? Consider eating what is currently growing in your area, farmers markets Or maybe even subscribing to a CSA, this is a service provided by local farmers providing boxes of food each week. How was the food prepared, with love or something else?

Where do you eat at? What is the Environment?

Think about your last three meals, write down where you were? Where you at the dinner table, in front of the TV, outside? What sounds surrounded you? Was it quiet, was the TV or music playing? Was there conversation and what was the conversation about? Do you remember how the meal tasted? Did you enjoy and savor each bite?

Take a few moments and think about your body and how it accepted the food. Was the environment relaxing? Was it stressful? Our digestive system works best when we are relaxed. We are also more connected with what we are eating when we eat mindfully - noticing the taste, focusing on the food, and having gratitude for what we are eating.

Here is a recap of ideas that may improve your connection with the energy of your food and maximize your digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

  • Avoid processed food, eat food in it’s most natural state. Whole food.

  • Check in with your body before you eat. Take a few deep breaths, notice how the body feels and ask it what it needs.

  • Prepare you food with love.

  • Enjoy the freshest food and organic if possible. Instead of buying food once a week, go to the store or farmers market more often.

  • Give gratitude to your food and all the farmers who grew it. Give gratitude to the plant or animal who gave their life in order to nourish you.

  • Eat in a peaceful and enjoyable environment.

  • Smell you food, take a bite and really notice the taste as you chew.

  • How do you feel after you eat?

  • Notice how you feel two hours later?

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